Uber Data Processing Agreement

Posted on Tuesday, April 13th, 2021 at 12:23 pm

This website can offer users the opportunity to comment. The comments of the person concerned are recorded and published, as well as the date of the comment and the user alias chosen by the person concerned. In addition, the IP address of the person concerned is registered. This IP address storage is done for security reasons if the person concerned violates the rights of third parties or publishes illegal content through a comment. This personal data collected is not transmitted to third parties unless such transmission is prescribed by law or serves the purpose of defending the person in charge of the treatment. Uber`s data architecture team conducted a K-Anonymity study of 40,000 Uber trips to Boston to educate internal stakeholders. Joint controllersUTI is the ultimate parent company of UBV. On March 31, 2016, the parties agreed that the UBV would be responsible for processing the personal data it collects and the processes of persons involved outside the United States and that UTI would process this data for UBV as a subcontractor. Data from uber drivers and users is also transferred from the Netherlands to UTI servers in the United States and stored for backup purposes. The vast limits GmbH newsletter may contain tracking pixels.

A tracking pixel is a miniature image embedded in HTML emails to enable log file recording and analysis. This allows statistical analysis of the success or failure of online marketing campaigns. Based on the built-in tracking pixel, vast limits GmbH can see if and when an email was opened by a concerned person and what links were clicked in the email by the people concerned. 3) Uber has failed to comply with the obligation to notify the Authority of the processing of data for geolocation purposes, in accordance with legislation in force prior to the RGPD (Article 37, paragraph 1, point a) of Decree-Law 196 / 2003 – the data protection code, now repealed. This article explains how you create an internal data governance architecture at the early beginning of the registration phase, which will allow you to attribute risks to the data and identify that data in your systems. You can then protect the data accordingly. The Authority considers that the UTI also determines the means of treatment. A party that determines only the means may, according to the Authority, already be responsible for the treatment if it is material means. Uber has a comprehensive Information Security Directive, adopted by UTI, to which all Uber companies are subject. In addition, this directive shows that the UTI is responsible for all aspects of information security, including personal data. In addition, with respect to subjective scope, the notice of information is wrongly concerned only with Uber B.V. as responsible for the processing of the personal data of the user “who is outside the United States.” Specifically, the Authority supports another characterization of the relationship between Uber Technologies Inc.

and Uber B.V., which must be considered a relationship between air traffic controllers, since both parties are involved in defining the purposes and methods of processing in the provision of Uber services. This relationship configuration between Uber B.V. and Uber Technologies Inc. has a direct impact on compliance with data protection laws for information provided to users. Therefore, the communication transmitted to users is not formulated correctly, as it should have provided a clear indication of the exact flow of data and common control. A key term is “personal data” or “personally identifiable information” (PII), but definitions vary and may be vague. Doing this definition correctly is a major challenge. In this privacy statement, we use, among other things, the following terms: This process is called Data Inventory, which is, as you may recall, a step #2 in our data management program.

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