Soul Agreements And Pre-Birth Life Planning

Posted on Monday, April 12th, 2021 at 8:52 am

Although people are generally most interested in their contracts with partners, at least in my opinion, we can have soul contracts with anyone with whom we interact! And platonics can be as much or even deeper and life-changing! Suffering can have many levels of meaning. Mary, 35, wife and mother of three young children, contracted breast cancer. After receiving the best of what medical care/diseases have to offer — surgery, radiation and chemotherapy — she died. From a limited human point of view, this is certainly a terrible event. From a more real vision, however, his illness and death may have been planned by his soul, so that: 7. Murder is part of prenatal planning. (Note: As history makes clear, what is legal and moral at this time can be very wrong if you look at it later or from other angles. Think, for example, of the systematic slaughter of Indians by government forces in the 19th Destiny Manifesto – the elimination of these ungodly savages – was then considered legitimate and morally just. However, those who think for themselves have considered it shamefully false.

“Killing gooks for God” and the cessation of the domino effect of communism were also considered legitimate and just during the Vietnam War. The terrible waves of these atrocities continue to cause death and suffering to those on both sides.) Another reason for changing the initial plans might be to take an alternative route. You could take the interstate and get there faster. Or you can drive along the back roads to enjoy the scenery and avoid traffic. The soul knows that, as the popular children`s song teaches, life is just a dream. He is not obsessed with reaching the finish line as fast as possible, because life will never stop and new goals will continue to emerge. From a limited earthly point of view, his physical death was certainly a terrible tragedy. But by foresight, his short life was a Grand Slam home run. The same could be true for other people who have been murdered. This awareness does not tolerate mistreating someone in one way or another.

It does, however, highlight the understanding of life`s greatest challenges from a broader perspective of reality. Before birth, we have in-depth discussions with our spiritual leaders and other members of our group of souls, with whom we will reincarnate. These discussions are soul agreements about the lessons we will learn in the next life and how we will learn them. All important moments, relationships, events are predetermined as lessons to learn on the path of our spiritual evolution, especially the most difficult and painful.

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